Mid Summer Already

Eek, when was the last time I wrote anything?  In forever ago, shame on me.  I guess it goes without saying that the blog gets update seasonally.  Here we are in Mid Summer.  It has been a beautiful summer but not warm enough for the people on the lakes.  But for us who have to work all day, it has been a great summer to keep the door open at the store.

As far as books are concerned, it looks like the end of summer and fall is going to be a great season of book releases.  There are many coming out that people have been anticipating.  Dan Brown’s new book is getting a ton of attention.  Of course, the announcement of his book release date coincided with the movie release, “Angels and Demons”.  Great marketing, eh?  Mitch Albom is coming out with a non-fiction release, Stephen King, John Grisham, Diana Gabaldon and Nicholas Sparks all have release dates coming up.  There are a few new authors that have some noteworthy books coming out.  In August, “Between Me and the River” by Carrie Host is releasing.  What a wonderfully written autobiography of Carries thoughts and feeling of her rare form of cancer and what she goes through.   It is a great view into the world of a cancer patient.  Friends and families of cancer patients will be able to understand a little more the emotions and dealings that go on.  I really loved her writing.  I have passed on my copy of the ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) to my friend who has a friend with cancer right now.  She was so thankful.

I just finished our book club book for the month, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson.  Wow, great book!  It is an engrossing thriller/mystery/psychological suspense all rolled into one.  The exciting news is that his second book in the series releases on July 28th, ” The Girl Who Played with Fire”.    The sad news is the author died in 2004 after completeing 3 of his 10 book series.  Thank goodness he turned in the three transcripts and that the publisher was kind enough to print them.

My pick for a summer read is a light and breezy travel memoir from Marlena De Blasi, “That Summer is Sicily”.  This is her fourth book about Italy where she resides with her husband.  I read  “1,000 Days in Venice” about how she fell in love with her Italian husband and moved to Italy.  She is a wonderful writer that incorporates her love of food into travel memoirs.

So, now it’s time to be off on my walk with book in hand to let Wiseguy out of his cage on this beautiful, cool Sunday.

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