It’s About Time.

So here’s the news I’ve been waiting for, kind of.

Dan Brown’s second book in his Robert Langdon series was the single bestselling adult hardcover novel of all time. Of course I’m talking about The Da Vinci Code. If you ask me, that’s an honor it didn’t deserve. While it was a little intense, and very shocking, without the church’s condemnation it would just be another mass market collecting dust on bookstore shelves. But because the church did use it’s power to ban this book, the entire world read it. And now we’ve all been waiting for the follow-up.

Angels & Demons doesn’t count, no matter how hard you try to make it work, it just doesn’t. The two are so unforgivably similar I always feel like I’m reading the same book.

But today the emails were sent out by every major book distributor, Dan Brown’s next book is almost ready to go. It even has a title.

The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown

This book is set to release on September 15, 2009. And the only thing I’ve been able to discern about this book is that it takes place in a 12-hour period. As more details become available, I’ll write about it, and if they can ever get a cover together, I’ll share that too.

– Lucca.


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