Rainy days and Mondays…….

Well, it started out that I forget to wake my daughter up for school this morning.  She over slept. It is very rare that she does that and I was awake but in my own world getting ready to go to the gym.  (I take her to the bus and go direct to the gym.)  Thank the universe for the bus still being there when we pulled  into the park and ride.  Yeah!  I get to the gym and forgot my key card.  I drive home quickly to get it.  My thought process at this time is….should I just stay home or get my butt back to the gym?  I chose to go back to the gym.  So I put my key card to the electronic eye and it lets me in.  As I walk through the door…Snafu!  My lanyard gets caught around the door handle and I am yanked back out of the door way.  All I could do was laugh.  I am laughing entering into the gym and I am sure the guys closest to the door are thinking, “okay this lady is a wacko”.  No one saw me get stuck at the door, so the laughing was just random for them.

I started four books in the last week.  I  couldn’t decide which one to read on the treadmill that would keep me walking and occupied so the time would pass as quickly as possible.  The first one I started was ‘The Bee’s Kiss’ by Barbara Cleverly.  It is a mystery/detective series set in England in the early 1900s.  I’ve read one of her other books in the series  and very much enjoyed her characters.  The second book I started was, ‘Tulipmania’ by Anne Goldgar.  It is an interesting history on the trade of tulips in the 1500-1600’s.  Though I will finish these books, they were not the book I was wanting for the purpose of the treadmill.  The third book, I started at home titled ‘The Blue Notebook’ by James Levine.  It is an ARC that will be out in July.  Work of fiction and set in India about how a young girl is sold into slavery.  It seems an easy, quick read, but not for the treadmill.

Today, though, I stumbled on the one. (after stumbling into the doorway)   The book is an ARC and due out in July.  It’s titled, ‘Between Me and The River’ by Carrie Host.  It is a memoir written in journal form.  She describes her challenges with cancer.  It hits close to home, as I have two people in my life with cancer.  I could not put it down this morning.  I did not want my time on the treadmill to end.  If I didn’t have to go work…..


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