It’s About Time.

So here’s the news I’ve been waiting for, kind of.

Dan Brown’s second book in his Robert Langdon series was the single bestselling adult hardcover novel of all time. Of course I’m talking about The Da Vinci Code. If you ask me, that’s an honor it didn’t deserve. While it was a little intense, and very shocking, without the church’s condemnation it would just be another mass market collecting dust on bookstore shelves. But because the church did use it’s power to ban this book, the entire world read it. And now we’ve all been waiting for the follow-up.

Angels & Demons doesn’t count, no matter how hard you try to make it work, it just doesn’t. The two are so unforgivably similar I always feel like I’m reading the same book.

But today the emails were sent out by every major book distributor, Dan Brown’s next book is almost ready to go. It even has a title.

The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown

This book is set to release on September 15, 2009. And the only thing I’ve been able to discern about this book is that it takes place in a 12-hour period. As more details become available, I’ll write about it, and if they can ever get a cover together, I’ll share that too.

– Lucca.


Rainy days and Mondays…….

Well, it started out that I forget to wake my daughter up for school this morning.  She over slept. It is very rare that she does that and I was awake but in my own world getting ready to go to the gym.  (I take her to the bus and go direct to the gym.)  Thank the universe for the bus still being there when we pulled  into the park and ride.  Yeah!  I get to the gym and forgot my key card.  I drive home quickly to get it.  My thought process at this time is….should I just stay home or get my butt back to the gym?  I chose to go back to the gym.  So I put my key card to the electronic eye and it lets me in.  As I walk through the door…Snafu!  My lanyard gets caught around the door handle and I am yanked back out of the door way.  All I could do was laugh.  I am laughing entering into the gym and I am sure the guys closest to the door are thinking, “okay this lady is a wacko”.  No one saw me get stuck at the door, so the laughing was just random for them.

I started four books in the last week.  I  couldn’t decide which one to read on the treadmill that would keep me walking and occupied so the time would pass as quickly as possible.  The first one I started was ‘The Bee’s Kiss’ by Barbara Cleverly.  It is a mystery/detective series set in England in the early 1900s.  I’ve read one of her other books in the series  and very much enjoyed her characters.  The second book I started was, ‘Tulipmania’ by Anne Goldgar.  It is an interesting history on the trade of tulips in the 1500-1600’s.  Though I will finish these books, they were not the book I was wanting for the purpose of the treadmill.  The third book, I started at home titled ‘The Blue Notebook’ by James Levine.  It is an ARC that will be out in July.  Work of fiction and set in India about how a young girl is sold into slavery.  It seems an easy, quick read, but not for the treadmill.

Today, though, I stumbled on the one. (after stumbling into the doorway)   The book is an ARC and due out in July.  It’s titled, ‘Between Me and The River’ by Carrie Host.  It is a memoir written in journal form.  She describes her challenges with cancer.  It hits close to home, as I have two people in my life with cancer.  I could not put it down this morning.  I did not want my time on the treadmill to end.  If I didn’t have to go work…..


In the book world we are always looking forward in an attempt to see what’s next, where is the next bestseller, etc… To facilitate this endeavor we’ve created the ‘Upcoming Releases’ page. Check back regularly to find your next great read!

If there’s a book you think we should add here, please feel free to leave a comment with the title and author, and we’ll do what we do.

– Lucca

(p.s. Check out my list, it’s most of my favorite books, with reviews, for you to find your next great read)


Shadow of the WindThe Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

“Barcelona, 1945: A city slowly heals from its war wounds, and Daniel, an antiquarian book dealer’s son who mourns the loss of his mother, finds solace in a mysterious book entitled The Shadow of the Wind, by one Julian Carax. But when he sets out to find the author’s other works, he makes a shocking discovery: someone has been systematically destroying every copy of every book Carax has written. In fact, Daniel may have the last of Carax’s books in existence. Soon Daniel’s seemingly innocent quest opens a door into one of Barcelona’s darkest secrets – an epic story of murder, madness, and doomed love.”

Come join us Wednesday,

April 29th, 2009

April showers…..

On this  rainy April day, we are all hoping for the promised sun tomorrow.    Again, I feel the way I did on the cold and snowy day back when we started the Aria Blog.  I want to go home and curl up on the chair with the throw and read.  I am less than hundred pages from finishing, ‘Shadow of the Wind’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.  This is the first time that I have ever re-read a book.  I read this book as an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) in either 2003 or 2004.  I am reading it again because it is our book club pick for the month.  I have to say, it is keeping my attention as much as it did the first time.    I can remember bits and pieces,  but yet I can’t remember the ending.   I am hoping to be done by tomorrow.  This book is good for men and women.   If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it.  Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s new book, ‘Angel’s Game,  will be out in June.  They say it  is a semiprequel to ‘Shadow of the Wind’.  There are similarities, but I wouldn’t say it is a prequel or even a semiprequel.

Now on to the struggle to pick the next book to read.  Do I pick an ARC or do I pick a paperback to preview for book club?  What about a hardcover?  Old or new?  The anticipation of picking a book is fun, but as a bookseller I feel pressure on picking the one I can hand sell.  I have read so many ARC’s this year so far, that I should read something that is on the top sellers list.

Sometimes I feel I don’t read fast enough.  Over the years of owning the bookstore I have become a faster reader.  My problem is that I am not always reading just one book.  For instance, last night I chose to read, ‘Crops in Pots’.  I am interested in having  a garden in pots this summer on my porch ie. tomatos, herbs, beans and peas.  I read this how-to book instead of my novel.  This happens much more than I realize.  I tell my customers what a slow reader I am, but now the light bulb has come on.  I have read many self-help books over the years.  I’ve read many health and fitness books in my quest to become slim, during my divorce I read several books on recovery and becoming my own person, and who can deny themselves at purusing through the cook books of all types?.   There is also not a day that goes by that I am not studying the lastest top sellers, reading blurbs on up and coming titles, or reading the gossip on the big book companies.  I always thought that being  a bookseller I would be able to sit here and read all day.  Honestly, I have done that maybe twice in the last 6-1/2 years, and those two days were snow storms.  Granted, I have been able to read a chapter here and there, but nothing like I dreamed before opening the store.

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Spring Day

On this beautiful spring day, I look back on my last post and remember how cold it was outside.  I couldn’t wait to get home to read under a comforter and build a fire. (actually, flip the switch.)  Since that time, I have been reading quite a bit.  Being a bookseller, I am lucky enough to get a free box of books once a month.  We call it the Christmas box.  My staff and I are like kids that can’t wait to see what’s inside.  We fight for what books we want to take and read before the rest of the public.   I have picked five books, and all of them have been good.   They will definately be books I will have in the store and recommend.

These books will be released starting in June:  Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo (mystery/detective), Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte by Syrie James (historical fiction), Secrets She Left Behind  by Diane Chamberlain (fiction literary), Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf (fiction literary) and Crazy for the Storm by Norman Ollstead (Biography).

I am certainly proud of myself this year.  I have stuck to my New Year’s resolution.  I joined a gym to help my daughter prepare for track season.  She is only 15 and needed an adult to go with her.  What a great opportunity.  The only problem is she did not keep her end of the bargain, so not only did she not go but three times with me…she didn’t join the track team.  No big deal, because I go at least 5 times a week.  Not only do I workout, I read the whole time that I am there whether it is on the treadmill, elliptical or the bike.  I am up to an hour!  Yeah, for me and for getting my job done for work . (reading).

For the first time ever, I am re-reading a book.  I have all new people in my book club this year and I decided to pick an oldie but goodie from the not-so-distant past, Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.  This author is coming out with a new book in June, Angel’s Game.  ( another Advanced Reader Copy aka ARC that I have read).  It is exciting to have new people read one of your favorite books.  I am expecting the discussion to be great.  Maybe I will serve tapas for the evening of the book club since the author is Spanish.

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